End of November and it's Holiday time

Even though we say this every year at this time of year, but where DID the year go? I often think of my ancestors at this time of year and wonder if they had the same whirling dervish feeling at the beginning of December or were they too involved in running farms, planting crops and baking for Christmas fetes?

The last calligraphy class has been and gone with a share-and-tell exam which always seems to put everyone in a tizz even though the questions are nearly always 'related' to the previous year's questions and we talk the calligraphy jargon all through the year. I must say that my silent giggles are almost audible as I hear the muttered comments as the paper is passed around.

But, as always, everyone passed and we live to continue the sessions for another year. This is always a challenge for me, because how MANY times can one describe Skeleton Roman Caps in a new and fascinating way or floursh Italics that fly off the page?

Next year our them is 'The Creative Year' with the first module being 'The Art of Letter Writing'. Without giving too much away think Copperplate, gouache and beautiful fine paper.

Here is the Thursday group with their 'Picasso' pieces which were enjoyed and admired.

Jeannette, Joy, Lyn, Tina, Chantal, Jill, Ghita, Karin.

But before the beginning of 2016 there is Chunukah and Christmas and many good time inbetween.

A sincere thank you to all the students for their support, creative work and sense of humour.

Friends of Penfriends Calligraphy studio: The 'girls' with Paddy (sitting second from left) and A-MM third from back.

For four days of the week, the Penfriends Calligraphy studio is transformed into The Yarn Tree shop which is another creative outlet for us all.

With all the beautiful hand-dyed South African yarns ranging from eco cottons, merino and wool, there is a wonderful choice which makes yarn buying a real creative challenge.

Beautiful Ice-cream colours for a shawl, scarf or blanket.

Come and visit us until 15 December, we would love to welcome you.