October - and it's nearly the end of the Year

My birthday is in October and I always feel that once it has passed I must definitely start on the Christmas shopping and the Festive Season plans or I will run out of time.

We have just returned from a great time at Hluluwe where we had wonderful rhino sitings and were exposed to what is described in Kwa-Zulu Natal as the worst drought in 150 years. We passed water trucks statigically parked for people to draw water once a day. With the heat we are experiencing in Johannesburg, I do hope we are not going to have the same problem. Even more reason to plant water-wise gardens.

The roses at our small cottage in Fouriesburg are blooming and their fragrance is almost intoxitcating especially in the evenings. I heard my first Piet-my-Vrou earlier this week and to me that augurs well for the year. So hold thumbs that the rains come soon.

The Calligraphy sessions are coming to an end and I will post images of our upcoming exhibition (or rather 'show and tell') in November. Classes will begin again late January 2016 as David and I will be exploring the Kalagadi again.

My new venture with friends Adrienne and Kelly, The Yarn Tree a 'bespoke' yarn store is going well and we have good time together especially on Monday afternoons when we gather with a dedicated group to continue to make blankets for the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela outreach. We have a great deal of fun and I have learned new skills.

Please look at our FB pages: The Yarn Tree, Penfriends Calligraphy and Creative Escapes for more regular updates.

The Yarn Tree Yarn Store in my Studio. Come and join us sometime soon.