The Yarn Tree & Mara Magic

If friends walk into my studio nowadays they will be hard pressed to find the calligraphy corner. Two friends Adrienne and Kelly) and I have started a small 'bespoke' yarn shop which we named 'The Yarn Tree'. We spend our lives living and creating in colour using cotton and bamboo, mohair and wool or simply having fun with small 'happies' to experiment with new stitches, patterns or yarn. We are having such fun and have to restrain ourselves from buying all the beautiful yarns available.

Garlanded Tree outside The Yarn Tree

My grandchildren think they are in an Aladdin's cave of delights and I have been set to work creating 'magical' colour blankets for each of them.

Ashleigh's blanket in progress

While we were in the Mara I hoped to do many squares to keep me ahead, but dusty-donga-roads are no place for beautifully wound balls of bamboo and cotton so little progress was made. But I will forge ahead and work hard to complete as much as I can before the holiday season.

Calligraphy is still very much the focus on a Thursday morning where students extend themselves using creative font and calligraphy to form new and exciting designs. Using both black and white and colour students have used font and calligraphy to create beautiful work.



These two pieces are examples of students' creativity and extention to the usual calligraphic work. Our exhibition looms in November and I know we will have some unusual work on display.

The Masai Mara this year was breathtakingly magnificent. The thousands and thousands of wildebeet and zebras were almost overwhelming and on many occasions we were part of the migration as we sat in the centre of thundering hooves hearing the low hum of the wildebeest as they cantered past us.

The migration

One of many crossings

A humbling experience indeed. Our welcome at Kichwa Tembo was as warm as ever and it is wonderful to re-establish friendships time and again.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Yarn Tree. Do pop in for some Kenyan coffee and a chat.