From Calligraphy & Festivals to Snow in the Malutis

The calligraphy 'gals' have done some wonderfully creative work over the past few weeks. Using Neuland and various writing intruments from Balsa wood, stirring sticks and good old fashioned 'Ah' sticks (tongue depressors - the ones that used to make me gag as a child) beautiful letters and creative pieces were made.

We used 300gsm water colour paper as well as gouache to create some fun pieces.


Dramatic results black paper and cut out letters

We have now moved onto creating our own alphabets which should be a challenge.

David and I went to the Franschhoek Literary Festival where we indulged in the fascinating lives of authors. Enjoyed good food, explored the local vineyards and quaffed wome delicious wine.

We listened to the emotive voice of PJ Powers, learned the secrets of writing from some authors and bought enough books to start another library.

We met friends, enjoyed the 'diamond clear days' of the Franschhoek autumn and have booked again for 2015.


Glorious colours


Autumn tones

I have (yet again) fallen in love with yarn and discovered some beautiful alapca wool in the Cape and was brought some special yarn from Australia by a friend of mine. You can see why I love the feel of it. The colours are waiting for a special pattern.


We have a family wedding coming up soon and with all the final preparations we had to sream down to our hideaway in the Free(ze) State because we heard there was snow on the Malutis. An opportunity not to be missed.

We had a wonderful day in Lesotho and were delighted to spend some time in the snow (brrrr) and experience the quiet vastness of this magnificent range of mountains.

There is much more to talk about - wedding plans, new traditions and even new patterns. but that will wait till next time.

Keep warm and well.


The valley


and the mountain