Of Celebrations & Game Drives


With friends who are family and family who are friends.


Rachel and Ashleigh learning a new skill with nana


David doing what he loves best - photography, game parks and family


Where there's a will there's a way - Elizabeth at work

David celebrated a special birthday this March and spent the weekend with family and friends being feted, fed and spoiled. We had breakfasts and dinners, lunches and then a marvellous holiday with old friends and family.

We shared memories and special moments with long-time friends Anthony and MJ, John and Linda all of whom we have spent many happy times over the years.

Most of our family was able to join us. David and Miriam were in the middle of moving and Pesach and

moving or was it moving and Pesach and were unable to be with us this time. John, Rachel and Ashleigh were with us and when Rachel and Asheigh showed an interest in crocheting, nana was able to haul out crochet hooks and wool and between us we made 11 squares. Halfway to a small blanket.

Elizabeth was with us too and exhausted us with her training and 'search-for-signal' to keep in touch with her office. (Note to self: NEVER EVER take working family away again without ensuring SIGNAL). She and the girls and John climbed the mountain behind our lodge in Mapungubwe at least 5 times daily for work and fun. Nana only managed it once - which I thought was rather amazing considering ny 'Boot-Camp days' are long past.

We shared laughter, memories and fun and even coerced gramps to play 30Seconds in the evenings. He even managed to explain 'hostel' to our nine-year old Ashleigh, who kept us in laughter most of the game.

How privileged we are to be able to travel with friends and family to renew bonds, friendship and our inner being.