2015 means Calligraphy, Creating and Crocheting

Crocheting at Rissington in the Lowveld on the most comfortable lounger ever.

I did some interesting work while away, although with temperatures in excess of 35degrees C the creative spurts were as deliberate as a lion lying under the shade of an acacia at midday.

But really, does it matter? As long as the thoughts were there and David and I had fun, nothing else really was of any concern, except perhaps counting over 45 different lion in the 14 days we were in the Kgalagadi.

I have discovered the most interesting magazine called FLOW. Described as a magazine for paper lovers it hails from the Netherlands and has wonderful inspirational quotes, creative ideas and paper samples to use. Try and find a copy (there was only one in my local bookstore which I was lucky to nab). I have picked up some wonderful colour ways, ideas and designs which I will happily adapt for class.

In the meantime there is the 67 Blanket outreach which is galloping ahead into an amazing outreach and draws people together from all walks of life. We have our frist 67 Blanket exhibition next week and this promises to be a festival of creativity and fun as well as another showcase and space for us to create more blankets for the deadline on 21 April this year. This will, we hope enable us to spread 21000 blankets at the Union Buildings in Pretoria. Watch the news!


Some 'earthy squares'

I have found learning to crochet like learning a new hand in calligraphy, a new etude in music and perhaps even a new language. It's been another creative journey not only in the challenge to make the required number of blankets but also to unravel the strange language of ch1, sl4, etc. which eventually becomes something recognisable as a blanket.

Thank you to everyone concerned. I am having one the times of my life and look forward to many happy hours sharing new patterns, new colours all in the new language I am beginning to speak. But after all, we all know how to speak 'friendship' which is what this is all about.


Kgalagdi Lion - Just wide enough awake to note the next move