Holiday Prep

Like everone, I love going on holiday. Althiugh sometimes it feels that the preparation takes more planning than the holiday itself.

I always pre-prepare a small book to tuck into my backpack and add a water colour set with two brushes which my father gave me many years ago. This has travelled with me to the far corners of the world and has been the basis of many a creative moment.

This time I am adding a few crochet projects to work through on the long journeys as well as (of course) a few books or so to read while at a waterhole waiting for the 'perfect shot'.


The paper I use is often left over from another project. This time Artistico, which ia a fairly heavy water colour paper and is good for painting and calligraphy. The paint set is Winsor and Newton and still holds some of the original pans from when my dad gave it to me in the 80's. I have have torn up the paper and prepared some backgrounds which can be used for 'spontaneous' drawing and writing.


Will certainly add the new blue notebook as well as few pencils. But how many nibs will I need - and which ones?


And now, having been badly bitten by the 'crochet bug' the next decision is how many projects to take along. At least being in a vehicle, I won't be too confined by space and wool 'compacts' very nicely.


One project that will be going is the 'strip-mile-a-minute' for Ashleigh.


Then there are a few 'real' books which I will enjoy exploring.


And of course the Kindle and iPad which it seems these days are essential for communication.

However, while in the Kalagadi there is minimal internet connection which will be another 'holiday' I will enjoy.

These decisions are to be finalised in the next few days and because the trip is local, the 'paring down' won't be serious.

What do you pack for your get-aways?