End of Year Preparations

I always feel that if I haven't completed my end-of-year shopping by the end of October I'm living on the edge. Fortunately I am a 'buy through the year' sort of person and find gifts for my friends that are just what I would love to receive. So as far as the festive season is concerned, all is on track.

However, we are still in the midst of our rennovations. The kitchen is nearly complete, but we adding a veranda, which leads to painting, which leads to re-looking at furniture and curtains amongst other things. So we have the builders popping up in strange and wonderful areas and I feel rather as if I am in the wrong place at the wrong time most of the time. This especially when I have a smily face greeting me through an odd window early in the morning and I find myself apologising! Our new gardener is sweeping clean too. After winter there are piles of leaves. Our previous gardener before retirement could only sweep and well, sweep and not very efficiently at that. Our new one has scarified our lawn, chopped and pruned beyond recognition and we have a large open garden which looks rather like a park that hasn't seen rain for years. As I walk outdside I feel as though I am in time-warp and hope that all will be revived by the holidays. Thulani (the gardener) assures me 'All Will Be Well'! I am going for the open-plan-this-is-a forest look for the garden.Here's hoping.


Piles of leaves





Fortunately the studio is running smoothly. Students are working to complete work for our 'mini-mini-mini exhibition at the end of November. Exemplar books are being completed. Quote books are nearly done. Our quiet contemplation morning went well with beautiful papers being created for books of quotes. More photographs once all is done.

Next year will be very different as we are travelling a lot, so I am challenged to create workable segments for the various groups. Looking forward to the exhibition.


Deciding what to do


Colours and Swirls