Back home and renovations....

What a wonderful time we've had on our recent travels. Not only for the beauty we encountered, but for the time away from Johannesburg, most resposibilities and most of all our renovations! We left Helen and Elizabeth in charge and I don't know why they are still talking to us. The dining room is in chaos. The new/old kitchen in the laundry no longer works properly and the new/new kitchen isn't yet functional.

We do have units nearly completed, floors nearly laid. We DO have new fridges, a new stove, microwave, sinks, pots, pans all waiting to be started. Perhaps it will all be ready for my birthday in October. Now that WILL be a pressie to enjoy.

But time away was delightful. David and I ambled from one beautiful area to another. The flowers were spectacular, the views never-ending and the one place we've always wanted to visit the Tankwa Karoo, was as stark and quiet as we wanted it to be. The cottage in which we stayed had no electricity and only gas and parafin for lighting. Open plan lounge, wating area and kitchen overlooked a never-ending view of Karoo landscape and moon-type mountains.

We encountered beautiful creatures from tortoises and dassies to antelope and Ngunis. My all time favourite image is a maramalade cat in the daisies.


Fine grasses


Oranges and greens


Marmalade beauty




Open Field

The colours of Namaqualand are inspirational at this time of year and the mix of colours was special. The pale moss greens and terracottas of the Karro are subtle and change continuously. The ocean never ceases to inpsire and the people in the platteland are welcoming and helpful.

I look forward to the inspiration experienced to spur me onto more creative projects and look forward to the new semester filled with colour and creativity.