Time away

We all need time away and David and I are off to Namaqualand and the north and west Cape for about three weeks. Can't wait as I have three blankets to complete as well as poems waiting to be written and books to be read. This is luckily a road trip, so David and I will have lots of time to chat, re-vitalise and enjoy.

Of course all his cameras are going. I am packing a huge bag of wool together with my Kindle - which fortunately loads many books, my paints and notebooks to perhaps capture some of the flower scenes we will encounter and will have lots of time out.

As you might know my friends and I are involved in the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela outreach and several of us meet once a month on a Monday afternoon to knit and natter. The name for our group ranges from the Houghton Hookers to the Natting Knitters, or is it the Knitting Natterers? Anyway whatever we are called, we all sit and have fun, food and an afternoon of creativity an laughter. Here are a few pics of the last afternoon we had together. We learned how to do ripple crochet.(They say it's easy. I have to count all the time, but the effect is great).

Oh - you may be wondering about the altered books? Those are still being altered and more pics and notes will be added after there is visible progress.

Take care and enjoy the next few weeks.

PS: Did I mention the fact that we are doing alterations? I don't think so, but I am sure that is the reason my blankets have grown and I sit up all hours knitting and watching movies like Dispicable Me 2. The minions make my kitchen look like a Peace Park.


Look at what we are doing


Fabulous Mouneen teaching a newcomer


A-M with two pals having fun