Altered Books - another chapter

I find that working on my own (except for huge commissions and delicate fine drawings) very lonely. I much prefer working in a group, even a small group. I find doing a 'dem' very satisfying as I often use the opportunity to fine tune a layout or swash and enjoy the 'danger' of mis-managing a stroke or perhaps even the potential 'WOW' factor which sometimes happens with colour and design. I also enjoy working during lessons while students work on their own and find that the quiet often adds another dimension to my work.

In the altered book project I have experimented with gesso, colour and letterform. This then leads onto letter design which includes the use of the page layout and fonts used in the book itself. Then one must ask is collage or adding ribbon of merit and so on.

As you may notice I often have conversations either in the form of words or notes to self in the quest to enhance a page. You will see how cutting, stripping and adding colour changes and perhaps even adding collage pieces can change the look of a page entirely.

Why not have some fun of your own and let me know how it goes.


Here I have cut and added letters