More Blankets for the Cold

There is always extra work for us in the studio. If it's not sewing blankets for the 67 Blankets for Mandela outreach headed by Carolyn Steyn it is making teddy bears for children at a creche.


A-MM - at the Auto and General theatre on the square at the second blanket handover.


Our pile of blankets -

those that were left after a quick handover at Mandela Square earlier in the month


Helen and I proudly 'wrapping up'.

Now to calligraphy:

Of course we are always busy with 'real calligraphy' as well and are working on altered books which is proving to be a real challenge for most of the participants.

First of all we've always been told 'never to write in a book'.

Secondly we have to pluck up the courage to 'let go' when we do.

I was given a book by my friend Daphne. Now 'Dear Friend' or DF, always choses gifts very carefully and one birthday she gave me a book on the history of writing. I have numerous books on the history, so when I was searching for a book to 'enhance' I chose this special book from 'DF'.

I have found that the trick is to 'disown' the book you are about to alter and also to know the book very well, so you can form a plan of how to proceed without too much angst. Gluing, painting and writing in a perfectly well kept book takes a leap of giant proportions. I mean 'what if...?'

Of course there is NO 'what if?' because the plan can be changed at anytime and in anyway, for after all, this is 'a creative project' which in our case, is using all the creative pointers we have learned over the past few months. Colour, water-colour paints, gouache, inks different hands, collage and ribbon all come into play. No holding back.

Well, there IS something holding us back isn't there? Our own lack of confidence and lack of vision and perhaps our own mother's voice in the bakc of our minds....'are you really writing in that book Anne-Marie?'

The progress of my book from DF will be added soon.