New 'Work Out'

I often wonder why we find it difficult to take time off?

We work and create all the time and really don't always appreciate the quality of time that can be experienced in 'making time to be'.

We have just returned from a wonderful break with our family - and due to the fact we had little 'connection' on mobiles, we discovered that we really do enjoy talking together and after all - we rather like each other too! That's how I feel about the classes. We are often so busy 'creating' that we forget to interact with each other on another level. I've missed the calli-groups and look forward to some more quality time together as we forge onto complete our projects and move into a new and exciting few months.

My daughter Elizabeth and her partner Will are gym fanatics, with my husband and other sons not far behind. I understnad the need for exercise and every now and again I have rushes of blood to the feet and join strange things like 'Boot Camp' (madness - being the only sixty year old galloping around the rugby field was NOT my idea of fun). I sometimes have been known to go to the gym and even join dance classes, but honestly the crowds of grunting, scowling people do not delight my senses.

However, put me in front of ivory keys and my fingers itch to run themselves up and down the keyboard in a frenzied effort to remember the scales I managed so well when my fingers were more agile. A blank page of good water colour paper with brushes and pens at the ready has the ability to give me a heart-stopping work-out..

So you see, all of us 'exercise', luckily, not in the same way. The next group of class exercises will hone colour skills, pen skills and set the creative juices flowing.

I'm off now to turn on Baroque Bach (right brain flow) fill my glass pots with water [light cardio) and get the creativity going. See you soon with new images of the class projects.