Aspects of Calligraphy

We are working hard on our 'creative books' which include aspects of calligraphy, colour and yes, even knitting.

The calligraphy is coming on well. With basic skeleton Romans to Foundational, we are working through quotes, design and letterings.

Colour - always popular and 'A Good Thing to Do' is fun and useful. We are wokring on colour wheels, colour swatches and colour 'ladders' which are a bit of a chore, but well worth the effort for future successes. We are using water-colour and it is most interesting to see how differently the paint works after using gouache for many projects.The paint is more delicate and transluscent. It is always a delight to observe the paint work its magic.

More impotantly, the Penfriends students have been working on the 67 Blankets for Madiba outreach programme and between us all we have created 3 single bed blankets. Thank you all of you who participated and well done to you.

Future projects? Well colour continues and we are now making teddy bears for traumatised children. Do go onto the Calligraphy, Craft and Kettle facebook page for updates.