What has Knitting to do with Calligraphy?

I suppose you could say dexterous fingers, colour and specific tools!

Why on earth am I discussing knitting on a calligraphy page? Simple. There is a wonderful initiative called 67 Blankets for Madiba whereby people have been asked to creat (knit or crochet NOT buy) a blanket to be handed to people in need during the winter months. Please go onto their FaceBook page named just that to find out more.

Our calligraphy 'gals' have agreed to knit 4 squares each, doesn't matter what wool you use or whether you crochet or knir as long as the squares are 20x20 cms.

We are having fun (aren't we ladies?). A friend of mine will help us put the squares together. Which will be a bit of a challenge, but put the blanket together we will.

Do we have a deadline? Indeed we do by Easter/Pesach so that we can all relax during the holiday season.

Oh, did you ask about calligraphy? The creative books are being created one page at a time and everyone is doing well. Pictures to be added next week.

Happy knitting everyone.