Calligraphy is for everyone

Calligraphy is not just for 'the scribe'. Calligraphy is for everyone. Not only do you learn a craft which may become your form of art, but you learn various skills such as fine line drawing, colour work, new hands and a new 'jargon' of your own. Words which include ascender, descender and flourish. Not borrowed from the typographer, but words that typographers borrowed from calligraphers.

The classes have begun and we have some extremely enthusiastic students who are keen to use their skills in creative and exciting ways.

We have Lin Kerr's workshops to look forward to at the end of January and then who knows where our calligraphy will extend? Wishing you a wonderful year. Think of me as I piece together the tables in the studio to fit in 15 students who will be participating in Lin's workshops.

Please follow the progress on my Penfriends Calligraphy page on Facebook.