2014 Studio

When my granddaughters visit we often spend time in the studio creating bits and bobs. Anything from cards, envelopes and painted pieces.

We also re-look at the studio and discuss important issues like; where should the tables go, are the pencils sharp enough and are the ink bottles filled with enough ink to start the year off?

This year was no exception. So we added flags, moved tables and changed pictures around. All very exciting for all, especially 'nan' who climbed up and down from chairs to stand on tables [being admonished by Ashleigh - 'you know that's not allowed, but can I climb too?')

Just about everything is set for the year. Notes are updated and exemplars re-done.

All in all a very successful clean up which can only mean that we are nearly at the beginning of a new term and everything is ready and waiting, with a few surprises for the students too.

Well, what would a new year be without a surprise or two?