End of Year and 2014

After a successful exhibition behind us (over 80 people in 2 hours) we are very pleased that the year is over. We had some marvellous comments enthusiastic responses to the the calligraphy protfolios. Well done to everyone.

Now we look forward to a restful break with students going on holiday and having time with family and friends and me working on the new new syllabus and confirming semester (and our own holiday dates).

I look forward to re-doing and updating notes and completing projects for the next year. It stimulates my own creativity and also makes me re-look at letterform and ideas.

Classes for 2014 are almost full. However I will present Masterclasses once a month to intermediate and advanced calligraphers which will stretch the imagination in many ways. At R250 a session we will explore diverse subjects such as letterform: traditional and modern, fine detail painting, creative books and much more.

I have a new workshop: Calligraphy as Meditation which will allow us to explore another aspect of our amazing craft.

Of course we have Lin Kerr's workshops to look forward to in January which will be a delight for all of us who participate.

Best wishes and enjoy the new images.