Friends with Threads

Friends with Threads

This group of creative, generous and enthusiastic people meet at Penfriends studio on specific Monday afternoons. We knit or crochet to create articles of clothing, toys and blankets for people in need. 

2020 'The Year of Warm Hearts'

Monday Afternoon: 13h30 - 15h30 (please always confirm dates)

Meetings resume on 20 January at 13h30.

Thereafter: 10, 24 February, 9, 23 March, 6, 20 April, 4, 18 May

On our first get-together we will decide on our projects for 2020. 

Bring: A few ideas, patterns perhaps? and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

Please follow us on FB: Friends with Threads or Golden Years Toys & Tops for Tots 

In both those FB pages you will find many of the patterns we use under FILES.

Round Robin 2020 Each year we also try and do add a little something to work on for ourselves. What we do with the article is up to the maker. Please bring a few ideas: a table runner, bag or something we haven't yet thought of.

Now for something a little different:

Perhaps in 2020 we will do a 'Secret Friend' swap. Let's chat about this at the first meeting in January.

Embroidery Sampler 2020 - still going strong? Or have you thrown the idea out the window?


When my children were still at school, I had (like many other mothers) hours to spare waiting in for them to come from sport, choir or plays even. I wasn’t a ‘car park chatterer’ so had many good times listening to music and embroidering samplers, cushion covers and much more. I have yards/metres of thread and some lovely fabric still to use.

I quite liked the idea of ‘the stitch a day’ project, but that so many other projects it simply didn’t happen but I wondered if I planned a square a month it would be ‘doable’ remembering that after 18 January ‘2019 begins In Ernest’. 

And then, of course there is always a stitch sampler book which could be fun too. (I think we all made one in Kindergarten). Although my sister had an AWFUL needlework teacher who made her unpick her work until it looked like the dog used it as a toy, my mother and I took over for her. (We were most upset when we only received a ‘Highly Commended’ for our efforts).

Needless to say my sister never picked up a needle and thread again after she left Grade2.

So these are just a few ideas using a different kind of creativity for 2020 

Choose what you will. Discard what you will, but remember we still need teddies, beanies and, and, and…


2016 - The Year of the Teddy

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