Friends with Threads

Friends with Threads

This group of creative, generous and enthusiastic people meet at the studio on specific Monday afternoons. We knit or crochet to create articles of clothing, toys and blankets for people in need. 

2019 Theme: 'What the World Needs Now'

Monday Afternoon: 13h30 - 15h30 (please confirm dates)

October: 28 (RRSwap - final handover).

November: 11 Bring your own project to work on, 25 (final - bring your Round-Robin project to display).

Invitation to end of year Get-together for FWT members: 13h30-15h30 on 25 November. Venue to be decided.

We have started our 'wind-down' for the year as we have done a great deal of outreach work for 2019.

(Only 3 get-togethers left for 2019)

We will still meet and enjoy time together but will be working on our own projects or end of year gifts. 

There are a few patterns some of us will be following: Mochaccino knitted shawl (free pattern from Nurturing Fibres),

CAL and Read-a-Long The History of Bees, with Christina of a Spoonful of Yarn (also a free pattern if you follow the CAL notes) or any other pattern crochet or knitted, which takes your fancy.

Bring: Anything you want to work on. This is really stash buster time where we work on projects that have been hiding for a while making a pact not to buy any more yarn until 2029!!

This is gentle time which we spend with people of similar thoughts and hobbies. You are welcome to join us.

BUT our outreach efforts continue:

We are now making cowls and scarves for guards, rangers and the greater community for Rex the Rhino Conservation Fund.

The Bara Baby jersey & beanie project continues.

Please follow us on FB: Friends with Threads or Golden Years Toys & Tops for Tots 

In both those FB pages you will find many of the patterns we use under FILES.

Round Robin 2019

Each year we also try and do something a little different. This year we are each making a small throw (of about 120 chains) which will be worked on a 'flat' design (in other words not with a basic square as the starting point). We choose our own yarn (usually from our stashes) and prepare the base pattern so that after the first handover we work on someone else's project. This involves a great deal of trust, but by the end of the designated time, we receive a completed or nearly completed blanket or throw. What is rather rewarding is that we never see our own piece until the final week which means there is much delight at the final reveal.

Now for something a little different:

What about communicating with someone using your knitting or crocheting AND pen and ink?

Through The Healthy Knitter Peace Project I came upon a wonderful idea to create something new and different through 2019. So thank you Christina Campbell and all your creative friends. 

The books above have wonderful ideas, but are not necessary for the success of your project.


  1. Each of us has a partner through the year to discuss and share ideas. One ‘postcard swatch’ to be shared and talked about each month. It can be knitted or crocheted and we suggest each ‘postcard’ is inspired by the month of the year, a special occasion or whatever you choose. 

  2. You can even make the much discussed temperature blanket or anything else that excites your creative spirit. I will place our progress on the Friends with Threads FB page as near to the beginning of each month as possible.

  3. You do not have to do Fairisle.  A simple pattern in one (or two) colours will be equally exciting. If crocheting is your preferred choice of creating, that is great too.

  1. You can do this as a ‘stand-alone’. In other words it can be something you can do ‘just for yourself’ and not with a ‘pal’.


My thoughts so far:

December: roses

January: green gardens

February: red flowers or dunes

March: cosmos (and so on).


  1. Each month could include a postcard or photograph of what inspired you to create the swatch.

  2. The swatch can be any size (we suggest 15cms x 15cms) but if each swatch is a different size that’s also fine. 

  3. If you would like to join this project visit Ravelry: The Healthy Knitter Ravelry discussion topic: Finding a Knit for Peace penpal. There are many people looking for knit/writing/postcard penpals.

  4. If you choose to do this, please update us on your progress.

And there is something for the embroiderers out there…(in the interest of de-cluttering of course)

Embroidery Sampler 2019


When my children were still at school, I had (like many other mothers) hours to spare waiting in for them to come from sport, choir or plays even. I wasn’t a ‘car park chatterer’ so had many good times listening to music and embroidering samplers, cushion covers and much more. I have yards/metres of thread and some lovely fabric still to use.

I quite liked the idea of ‘the stitch a day’ project, but that so many other projects it simply didn’t happen but I wondered if I planned a square a month it would be ‘doable’ remembering that after 18 January ‘2019 begins In Ernest’. 

And then, of course there is always a stitch sampler book which could be fun too. (I think we all made one in Kindergarten). Although my sister had an AWFUL needlework teacher who made her unpick her work until it looked like the dog used it as a toy, my mother and I took over for her. (We were most upset when we only received a ‘Highly Commended’ for our efforts).

Needless to say my sister never picked up a needle and thread again after she left Grade2.

So these are just a few ideas using a different kind of creativity for 2019. 

Choose what you will. Discard what you will, but remember we still need teddies, beanies and, and, and…


2016 - The Year of the Teddy

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