Penfriends Creative Studio
Open mind, creative mind

In the past year or so, Iike so many people around the world, recalibrating my life style. 

My studio has moved upstairs with all the materials I am likely to need. I thought that I might run out of paper, but its seems that I'd bought enough to survive a major lockdown.

As I rarely go out to shop the internet has become my friend. I look forward to deliveries like a child looks forward to their birthday and anticipate the opening with much anticipation. 

I've been able to experiment and create in a space which is filled with colour and favourite things.

I've done several courses and became an Art Life-Skills facilitator which was really an extension of what I've been doing for many years.

I joined a Poetry writing course presented by Douglas Kearney of the California Institute of Arts who was one of the most entertaining teachers I've 'met'. His creative teaching recalibrated my mind and stimulated my writing. I wish I'd had someone like him at school. His explanations of parts of speech and sound had me laughing out loud. 

At the moment I'm participating in a 2 month writing Zoom-a-long with Natalie Goldberg who getting used to 2000 participants has become an interesting and intriguing instructor. 
'All' she is doing is suggesting that we 'show up' to write every day, even if it's for an hour. And that is what a friend of mine and I have been doing. We meet once every two weeks at our 'Cyber Cafe' and read our pieces and write with little comment and deep listening. So there is no critiquing, no judgement, just listening and reading. A wonderful release.

I still teach but remotely and I've had special times with students as we've juggled power outages and dud cameras and sound. 

There has been a wonderful mind-shift for me and below are some images which inspire.