Penfriend's Creative Calligraphy 'Cyber' Studio 


In a modern and creative way. Students experiment once they have learned the basic shapes and angles required to create beautiful shapes. Calligraphy nibs and ink, paints, various papers and even canvas are used while focussing on letterform.


NB: In these changed times Zoom sessions are offered where the same principles are applied in a very different format. As well as calligraphy, water-colour and writing classes (focussing on poetry) are offered during the week. 

Please note that Zoom sessions continue in 2022


Classes take the form of Zoom sessions which include demonstrations showing various nuances of lettering, slide presentations, practice and projects. Students are encouraged to focus on 'master calligrapher techniques' design and (especially) creativity. The small annual exhibition in November has become a tradition and takes a different format this year in a Zoom presentation. 


Friends and students are enthusiastic supporters of various community outreach projects which include making toys, tops and scarves for children and beanies, bootees and blankets for babies at Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto.

The group also makes cowls, scarves, blankets and beanies for rangers, guards and the wider community of Rex the Rhino Conservation Fund.  The Friends with Threads group continues to work on teddies for The Teddy Bear Foundation.

Anne-Marie Moore


Calligrapher, teacher, author, poet

Facebook: Anne-Marie Penfriends Calligraphy

Facebook: Friends with Threads

Instagram: AMM710 & Penfriends Calligraphy

Creative Escapes

​Together with her husband David, Anne-Marie owns Creative Escapes a small tour company. They organise specialised tours particularly for photographers within South Africa and further afield to encourage guests to enhance their creativity. Please visit the website to view tours and David's photography: and Facebook: Creative Escapes. Obviously during this time, tours and excursions have been curtailed.


Visit master printmaker John Moore's website: to view new images and fine detail work.

Follow John Moore on Facebook: John Moore Printshaman.

The Beginning:

In 1983 at the request of a group of friends, after I had completed a few months of calligraphy, I presented my first class in the dining room in my home in Houghton. No studio, very little equipment and 5 students. As a qualified teacher I realized that there was a need to develop creative courses for adults and children alike. 


Since those small beginnings I studied through the Roehampton College completing Foundational with tutor Margaret Daubney. I was a founder member of the calligraphy society and the teachers’ guild. I have since furthered my calligraphic studies with such tutors as Denys Taipele, Dick Beasley, Brody Neuenschwander, Ewan Clayton and more recently Karl Rohrs, Yves Laterme, Lin Kerr and Massimo Pallermo. I have been fortunate to travel to America, England and Europe to participate in calligraphy conferences where I studied with such masters as Denis Brown, Gottfied Pott, Sheila Waters and David Thornton. 


Penfriends Calligraphy Studio has grown into a space where students can borrow resource material from an extensive library, view calligraphy by various calligraphy masters and enjoy learning the ancient craft in pleasant, secure surroundings. Students are encouraged to experiment and extend their creativity. 


Equipment gleaned from worldwide sources allows students a vast choice of nibs, paints and inks. And true to the by line, long-standing friendships have been forged over the years. Thank you to all my students for enriching my life in so many ways.